Travel Highlight: Journey through Thailand’s Floating Markets

Posted:October 07, 2016

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The summer holidays have ended, but that does not mean you have to stay put. The time is always right to travel and the options for your journey are endless. If you’re seeking tips for your next adventure, or simply want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life with a travel highlight, we have just the thing for you! Join us as we take you through Thailand’s floating markets.

Typically, we’re used to strolling through super-markets and pushing a rattling cart around. Or, many of us have made a habit to pass by local farmer’s markets, picking up baskets of fresh, local foods and flowers. Floating markets are not much different, except for the fact that it all takes place on water and out of boats! Visitors can paddle through canals and rivers to find various local produce and ingredients, boasting bright colours and tantalizing scents. These have been around for centuries, and were especially popular between the 1300s-1700s, filled with goods from nearby gardens. Here are three things you can expect to come across on your modern-day visit.

Fancy some Fruit?: Thailand is known for its abundance in fruit. Even a short paddle through a floating market will introduce you to some exotic varieties, including Dragonfruit, Durian, and Mangosteen.  

Always in Bloom: Bright, dewy flowers are everywhere you look! You can take your pick, but we bet pretty pink orchids will be hard to part ways with.

Interesting Ingredients: Spicy peppers and good-for-you ginger fill floating market baskets, among many other choices!

Though this may not be the traditional way of shopping you’re used to, floating markets are worth a visit! So grab a paddle (or a plane ticket) and see what they have in store! If you’re craving some authentic Thai food in the meantime, stop by Bangkok Garden and check out some delicious dishes.