Prix Fixe 3 Course Dinner

Savour the flavourful combination of Chef William’s new 3 Course Prix Fixe menu. Available at dinner for only $37 per person.

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APPETIZERS (choose one)
Shrimp medallions  |   GF
Minced shrimp, curry paste, lime leaves and eggs. Served with Cucumber salad.

Northern Thai Sausage  |   GF
Ground pork with a trinity of herbs, curry paste and soya sauce. Served with sliced ginger, birds eye chili, and cabbage.

Coconut Mussel Soup  |   GF
Lemongrass, galangal, and lime leaves in a silky coconut broth.

Soft Tofu Salad   GF | V
Steamed tofu tossed with shallots, coriander, and red pepper. Mint and lemon dressing.

ENTREÉS (choose one)
Weeping Tiger  |   GF
Flat iron beef, oyster sauce, fish sauce, black pepper marinade, Roasted rice sauce. Served with Steamed Thai brown rice.

Spicy Prawn Laksa   |   GF
Shrimp, red curry broth, red chilis, lemon grass, galangal, lime leaves, rice noodles. Garnished with chopped fresh mint and crispy fried shallots.

Khao Mun Gai  |   GF
Jasmine rice cooked in chicken stock, with steamed
chicken breast and served with savory soya sauce.

Duck Breast with Green Curry   |   GF
Pan fried Muscovy duck breast in a silky green curry with purple eggplant and tomatoes. Served with jasmine rice.

DESSERT (choose one)
Pineapple Fritters | V
Sweet pineapple coated with coconut batter and fried. Served with ice cream.

Grilled Sweet Taro with Coconut Rice  |   GF | V
Coconut milk, palm sugar, sticky rice.

Warm Caramel Coconut Tapioca  |   GF | V
Tapioca pearls, sweet potatoes, palm sugar and white chocolate.

*Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Available for dinner only, Please inform your server of any allergies and we will do our best to accommodate them, however we are unable to guarantee an allergen free environment.
Spicy   |   GF   Gluten Free   | V   Vegetarian

The When & Where

  • Lunch

    Monday - Friday 11:30 am - 2:30 pm Buffet or à la carte
  • Dinner

    Monday - Friday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Saturday - Sunday 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Location

    Bangkok Garden
    18 Elm Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1G7
    4 stars out of 5 based on 226 reviews
    Reservations: (416) 977-6748
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