Against the Grain: Celebrating Celiac Awareness Month with our Gluten Free Menu

Posted:May 04, 2016

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Going gluten-free: for some, it’s a lifestyle choice and for others it’s a necessity. While some of us opt to cut it out in order to eliminate grain products and the downsides that come along with their consumption, those who are affected by Celiac Disease must avoid it at all costs.

So what’s Celiac Disease? Well, let’s put it in terms that even those of us who don’t have medical degrees can understand. Bottom line, it’s an autoimmune disorder that causes a reaction to gluten — a protein found in many grains, including wheat and sometimes oats.

We at Bangkok Garden understand the importance of keeping you on the safe side, and take that task seriously –all without sacrificing flavour. That’s why we have an extensive gluten free menu!  From appetizers to mouth-watering main dishes and delicious desserts, you can indulge without a worry. We’re sure you’ll love the Tamarind Beef Curry and fall head-over heels for our Pad Thai (voted one of the ‘Best in Toronto’ by And if these options aren’t enough, our vegetarian and vegan dishes will do the trick.

Though this gluten-free menu is available year round, it’s especially fitting for May –Celiac Awareness Month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and stay tuned for featured dishes and details on how you can win a dinner for two from our gluten free menu.

Spicy Fish (Pla Pad Prik)